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Chances are you’ve already been the member of a gym and perhaps you didn’t get the most out of your monthly fees or felt under valued as a client. In fact if you’ve ever felt out of place at a BIG BOX GYM or have no idea what to do while training…We’re here to HELP.

Our programs are designed to eliminate the barriers of living a healthy and active lifestyle. We’ve identified Time/Cost/Knowledge/Comfort as being the 4 major reasons keeping people for getting fit. We understand that to overcome these obstacles, everyone needs to start at their own fitness level and progress at their own pace in a safe and structured program. By creating an inclusive environment for success, FreeStyle Fitness Studio welcomes members from our community from all fitness levels, ages and personal goals. PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU! 

Our facility offers affordable membership rates and extended business hours to fit your busy schedule. Our knowledgable and experienced staff will work along side you to motivate and coach you to ensure you are training safely.

What if nothing was holding you back from pushing your limits and achieving your boldest fitness goals?

What if you were able to commit a few hours a week to your own health and emotional well being?

What if you found the support of a team of individuals all working towards your success and a company committed to giving back to the community?

What if the company was FreeStyle Fitness and the time to get started was NOW? Sign up today for your Free 1 Week Trial membership and find out for yourself what its like to be FREE. 

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