Coach K

“Hi my name is Coach K, Kwbana Beckles. I came up through Hamilton where I played a lot of sports. I went to St. Mary’s for 3 years and then went over to the powerhouse Cathedral where I played Basketball and obtained a scholarship to go down south to Winthrop University. I had been playing pro Basketball for the past 6 years and most recently retired.”
Some of the countries I’ve traveled to are: Iceland, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Japan, and Solvakia.
Passion for Youth Development: “From a training standpoint I have alot of traits and skills that I can give back to the guys that are trying to come up right now. Being a player, being in that situation and seeing what it takes to get from certain levels to the next level. I think I can give those aspects back to those players in making the transition to coach now, I can make these guys see what they need in order to build their bodies, their minds and just have that confidence to bring it to the next level.”
Community: “I’m just a real community guy. I just want to get out there and better people as I better myself. If I’m able to better someone else then I’m able to bring the same benefit to myself at the same time.”
Personal Goals: “My goals over the next couple of years is just to build myself as an individual and as a coach and a trainer and to aid in anyway I can in the community to build the community back up to a nice stronghold.”