Jennifer Bolus

Hi my name is Jennifer Bolus and I am your Lifestyle Coach here at FreeStyle Fitness. I am also trained as a register dietician, certified yoga teacher and I also practice energy medicine. I completed my training for dietetics at the University of Western Ontario and then continued on to the Ottawa Hospital to finish my internship there. I completed my Yoga teacher training right here in Hamilton at Del La Sol Yoga Studios and I continued to study energy medicine with my teacher in California Deborah King.

So lets talk about Health and how I define health and the World Health Organization defines it. Health is really not even the absence of disease, it is the complete physical, mental, emotional, social, and even spiritual wellbeing. That means finding a balance in your life. So if you think of health as a pie or a circle, there is many different slices to that pie or to that circle. So if you’re only addressing diet and exercise theres a lot of pieces there that are missing that contribute to your overall balance. If you’re struggling with things like weight, fatigue, pain, high blood pressure, high blood sugar…those are all symptoms and signs your body is giving you to tell you that your body is out of balance and that maybe somewhere in your life there is some imbalance there as well.

My passion as a lifestyle coach is really about helping people heal. I don’t think its a coincidence that the first four letters in health are H E A L….they’re HEAL. So when people come to me, its not just that people want to feel better, they really want to find that balance again. So this really means addressing all areas of their life beyond food, beyond exercise and sometimes surprising food is the smallest part to main underlying issues.

So my job as your Lifestyle Coach is really to inspire you, to empower you to teach you how to be your own wellness expert. And that is my mission to help as many people as possible be there own expert and to tune into their inner compass because we all have one. So until we meet be well.